Hello! I’m a curiosity-driven product designer from London, currently living in San Francisco.


I’m a multi-disciplinary creative with an aptitude for solving complex design problems. I take a user-centric approach to create beautiful, engaging, products and services.

I’m inquisitive by nature, which leads me to ask lots of questions to deeply understand the problem at hand; my experience helps me be specific in my approach and intelligently interpret the responses.

My design process is iterative and punctuated with cups of tea: from sketching, thinking, collaborating with others, through to designing prototypes, testing and innovating.

When not at my screen you’ll find me in the test kitchen developing recipes, learning languages, and seeing who wants to go to karaoke.



Some of my skills:

Empathy Copy 10.png

Spending as long as is needed to deeply understand the what a user needs and why, in order to make evidence-based, strategic design decisions.


Aligning business and user needs to make better products. Defining goals and the roadmap needed to achieve them.

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Idea development
Prototyping, testing and researching in real-life situations to optimise, improve, and innovate.

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UI and interaction design
Designing beautiful interfaces with intuitive, delightful experiences. Creating design systems that give continuity of branding across all products - web, mobile or print.

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Design thinking
Thoughtfully applying design patterns to overcome challenges in a systematic and efficient way.



What clients say about me:

“She was able to navigate my often complicated and potentially contradictory needs, producing a clean, organised site, while still retaining the original brutalist and rebellious voice of the organisation.

I would recommend Amy to anyone who requires a highly creative design, research and UX expert who truly cares about the project, down to every last detail, and wants help to exceed expectations throughout.

– Gabby Edlin, Founder of Bloody Good Period


As someone who designed and built website for 10 years, I can highly recommend Amy. She really understands the process of building a good quality website and makes a really effort to understand your business and what's required. Very happy with the results and will be using again.

– Manou Bendon, Media Gang


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