Bloody Good Creatives

One of the things I’m really proud of is all the collaboration I got to do while working with Bloody Good Period.

I started a creative network of artists, designers and illustrators. For BGP - we needed amazing, pulls-no-punches content for social media. Visuals that would challenge, inspire, empower and engage. I had no idea that we would tap into such incredible talent, to create such original feminist art!

In return, it was great to be able to give a platform to these creatives who donated their time and skills to the cause. We even got featured in UK Vogue which was a real accomplishment.

One such artist, Natalie Byrne, got so involved with creating illustrations for BGP that she started illustrating a whole book on the topic of periods - it’s soon to be published and you can pre-order on her website.

Here is a selection of pieces that I commissioned and art directed. (You can click through to go to the individual artists website or instagram for more info.)